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Goodwill Partnership Program

    Goodwill and Open Hearts Community Mission have an on-going partnership which is truly a WIN-WIN PROPOSITION for both organizations.

    The Mission is blessed with a beautiful facility for which we are deeply grateful, however there is simply no room to received all the donations our generous donors want to make. We believe the Father has provided an answer.

    The Goodwill and Open Hearts Community Mission partnership allows you to make a donation to Goodwill that will benefit Open Hearts Community Mission.  Please submit a “GOODWILL DONOR PARTNER CARD” for each bag, box or loose, large item you donate. Please call the attention of the Donor Greeter to take note of each of your Donor Partner Cards.

    For each individual donation made in the name of Open Hearts Community Mission, Goodwill provides the Mission with a $5.00 voucher. The Mission is notified at the end of each month of the number of $5.00 vouchers based on donations received in its name by Goodwill. With these vouchers our residents can shop at the Goodwill Stores. This enables them to make their own selection of clothing based upon color, size, style, etc. It also relieves the Mission of the burden of hauling, sorting, laundering/clean and storing your generous donations.

    Please remember to use the “GOODWILL DONOR PARTNER CARD” with the Mission’s name on the first line. This will assure those we serve will be empowered to make choices of their clothing, shoes and even household items when they are ready to be fully independent, working and tax-paying citizens of our community.