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Requirements To Enroll In OHCM

    1. Valid Bulloch County ID or verification of employment in Bulloch County
    2. Must pass a free background check
    3. Willingness to accept help that is offered
    4. Must not require addiction rehab or convalescent care
    5. Understanding and Acceptance of High Standards, Strong Boundaries, Clear
    6. Residents must be willing to seek employment if they are not employed.
    7. Agreement with and compliance to Non-Tolerant Policies (Non-tolerance: drugs,
      alcohol, tobacco, violence or threat of violence)
    8. Willingness to Serve in Assigned Duties (Mission and Community)
    9. Commitment to Respond Properly to ALL VOLUNTEERS
    10. Understand and Agree to Follow ALL House Rules
    11. Agreement to Transparency Policy, including inspection of ALL Personal Items,
      unannounced drug/alcohol testing and Regular Review of Personal Savings